MTB Ride Information

MTB Group Information

The Mountain Bike group meet together to go on rides every Tuesday and other days by arrangement.  Rides start from the town square at 1830 and end at about 2030 – rides are graded 1*, 2* and 3*.  One star rides are not for complete beginners – riders should be comfortable riding for 100 minutes –about 18 miles off-road.  3* rides are tough and may be over 2 hours/25 miles.

Rides are off road – expect to get wet and muddy – with some technical sections and hills!

Each ride has a ride leader and sweep and riders are expected to stay within that group and follow the route suggested by the leader – the aim of club rides is to get everyone home together – they are not races and the group should respect the route chosen by the leader.  If you want a different route – lead the ride!  The group will stop and assist a rider with a breakdown on route.

If you intend or need to leave the group to take say a short cut home – please tell someone.  If you lead a ride or sweep make sure everyone gets back to Abingdon.

Riders are required to have a label on their bike or helmet stating their name and a contact number in an emergency – labels are available from Nigel – no label no ride.

Riders are expected to carry repairs kits- tube, levers, patches, chain tool and a multitool – you cannot ‘expect’ a ride leader or group member to have repair kit.  

Slime tubes are recommended – they add a little weight and really do help.  

Keep your bike in good order – servicing costs around £35 without parts (don’t forget club members get at 10% discount at Behing Bar’s Cycles). 

Lights are needed for winter rides (September till March) – once the evenings draw in, riders without lights will not be allowed to participate in a group ride. 

Please wear something light and bright – we might ride part on road. 

All riders are required to wear a cycle helmet; tumbles off road are not uncommon; gloves are advisable – no hat no ride! 

Many riders retire to the King’s Head and Bell after a ride – they have an outdoor area to store bikes safely and provide free chip butties after rides!

All riders must be over 16 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian – ride leaders cannot take responsibility for children.  

You are joining a group where you ride at your own risk – ride leaders are not responsible for you on the ride.  You are advised to have comprehensive insurance – in case you injure someone or have an accident – the national organisations CyclingUK and British Cycling offer provide 3rd Party liability insurance to members and have options for comprehensive cycling insurance. 

On rides show courtesy – to walkers and other road users – obey road signals and the Highway Code. 

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