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When We Ride

Routes and Rides – Over the past few years, we have built up a number of routes have become “go to” rides, and so that members can ride these again, we have started to store them as GPX files. These are currently stored on the clubs forum page, which can be accessed by clicking the button below.

All rides start from Abingdon Market Square (AMS)

A Guide to Club rides

Sunday Shortie   These Sunday rides are generally of about 20 to 30 miles with a coffee stop near the middle, and have a sociable pace of 10-12 mph. Routes are mostly on road/cycle path though sometimes we get adventurous!  They usually start at 09:00 from outside Pablo Lounge in Abingdon Market Place. The ride on the second Sunday of the month is slightly shorter and more gentle, and often starts at 09:30. It is more suitable for beginners. Each week’s route is planned in advance and posted on the “Freewheeling Riders’ Forum” Facebook page, or ask to join Mel Calnan’s Sunday Shorties WhatsApp group. 

   Suitable for riders that want a more relaxed group riding experience, or those that may be irregular, Social or road riding beginners. The Mellow group pace will match the slowest rider and the routes are not normally too hilly or too long. Gentle exercise

Medium  Suitable for regular riders who prefer to cover some distance but at a more energetic pace. Solid Exercise

Med-Quick  Suitable for experienced riders, may be hilly, long and quick or any combination! Ride it like you stole it 😉 

Quick     All out “bat-out-of-hell”, only for the most sturdy of riders

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MTB / Off-road rides

Mountain Bike Group Information

The Mountain Bike group meet together to go on rides every Tuesday and other days by arrangement.  Rides start promptly from the town square at 1830 and end at about 2030.

Rides are graded 2* and 3*.  

2* Rides are not for complete beginners – riders should be comfortable riding for 100 minutes or about 18 miles off-road.  

3* Rides are tough and may be over 2 hours/25 miles at a fast pace.

Rides are off road and expect to get wet and muddy with some technical sections and hills!

Each ride has a ride leader and sweeper and riders are expected to stay within that group and follow the route suggested by the leader. The aim of club rides is to get everyone home together. They are not races and the group should respect the route chosen by the leader. The group will stop and assist a rider with a breakdown on route. A lead rider or sweeper aim to make sure everyone gets back to Abingdon. Should a rider intend or need to leave the group, say to take a short cut home, they must notify the leader or someone in the group.

Riders are required to provide their name, contact number, emergency contact number and name to the ride leader or group contact holder prior to the ride.

Riders are expected to carry repairs kits- spare tubes, levers, patches, Pump and a multitool. You cannot ‘expect’ a ride leader or group member to have a repair kit. 

Slime tubes are recommended to avoid punctures – they add a little weight and really do help. 

Keep your bike in good order – club members get at 10% discount at Behind Bar’s Cycles & Pedal Power. Just mention that your’e a FW member when you pop in.

Lights are needed for winter rides (September till April) once the evenings draw in, riders without lights will not be allowed to participate in a group ride.

Please wear something light and bright – we will probably ride mostly on road.

If the weather is wet or messy, if you you have them, fit mudguards, as it’s not pleasant (or safe) following another cyclist and being sprayed by road water and muck. If you don’t have mudguards, be considerate and ride at the back of the group so that you don’t spray other riders too much.

All riders are required to wear a cycle helmet; gloves are advisable – no hat no ride!

Many riders retire to a pub after a ride where they have an outdoor area for safe storage / locking of bikes.

All riders must be over 16 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian – ride leaders do not take responsibility for children. Riders between 16 and 18 must complete the parent/guardian registration and acceptance paperwork in accordance with Freewheeling Group rules.

You are joining a group where you ride at your own risk. Ride leaders are not responsible for you on the ride.  You are advised to have comprehensive insurance in case you injure someone or have an accident. The Cycle Touring Campaign (CTC) and British Cycling offer comprehensive cycling insurance. 

On rides show courtesy to walkers and other road users and obey road signals and the Highway Code.

Tuesdays 6:30 pm – Meet at the Marketplace in Abingdon
15-20 miles 10-16 mph average
Rating: 2* and 3* rides for experienced mountain bikers

Road rides

Wednesdays 6:30 pm 
Medium 25-35 miles 14-16  mph average (16-18 mph on the flat)

Thursdays 6:30 pm
Mellow 10-20 miles 10-13 mph average
Medium 25-35 miles 14-16  mph average (16-18 mph on the flat)
Medium Quick 25-35 miles 16-19  mph average (18-21 mph on the flat)
Quick 30-40 miles 19-22 mph average (21-24+ mph on the flat)
For the quicker rides you are expected to be comfortable riding close wheel and experienced at this sort of pace. 

Sundays 9:00 am
Sunday rides tend to be arranged during the week depending on who is about and expected conditions.
Typically there are Mellow (20 – 25 miles), Medium (45 – 55 miles) and Medium Quick (55+ miles) rides with a coffee and cake stop anything up to 60 miles. On the second Sunday of the month, there is a “super social” ride aimed at riders that want something a bit gentler and not so far.

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