FW meeting

Following on from the July club meeting at the Tap Room at the Loose Cannon Brewery last night, just a brief overview of what was discussed.

The club has had steady growth over the past 12 months, with membership growing and more new riders being sen on club rides.

The financial state of the club is quite healthy, with a good bank balance as well, so we will be looking to fund some key events or away days in the coming year.

There was a discussion around compulsory wearing of cycle helmets on all rides. The seemed to be a contentious topic, and although most ride leaders and riders supported this proposal, it was brought to the the attention that as FW are governed by the guidance of Cycling UK, they do not support universal support of helmets. It was therefore left to ride leaders to advise that if a rider turns up with out a “skid lid” it should be pointed out that they can join the ride, but do so at the riders own risk. It was pointed out that no one can remember anyone riding without a helmet for a very long time.

As in years before the COVID-19 pandemic stopped things last year, we have carried out a 100 mile charity ride and have supported Prostate Cancer, Cancer Research, Parkinsons research & Motor Neurone disease as beneficiaries of the charity rides. We had the charities lined up for last years ride, but postponed it due to the pandemic to this year. This year we will be riding to support two club members who have grandchildren who have succumbed to dreadful illnesses. Firstly, One little girl has developed Retts Syndrome – which is a rare genetic disorder that affects brain development, resulting in severe mental and physical disability, and is incurable. The second is Isolated
Sulphite Oxidase Deficiency. which means that a baby body cannot not fully
break down the sulphites it created. What is left over eventually becomes toxic
to their brain, resulting in several metabolic strokes and seizures.

This year we will be running a 100 mile medium group ride on Sunday the 8th of August, and riding a circular route out through Highworth to Bourton on the Water and back through Woodstock.

We will also for the first time be running a Mellow 100km ride as well on Sunday the 22nd of August, and this route will be out through Uffington to Faringdon and Lechlade and then back through Aston.

Both of these routes will be downloadable nearer the dates along with how to donate to a single bank account, which we will then split to both charities. If you are interested in taking part, or if you can’t, just want to donate, please let either Andy E, Mark B or David B know and we will keep you informed of the ride details.

We also discussed a few away day options, such as a sojourn around the Isle of Wight in September, the Velodrome at the the Queen Elizabeth Park in East London and the Bike show next year.

A new club member Soairse Potty, has recently completed the 3 peaks challenge with two fiends and cycled between each mountain that give a brilliant talk on how the three girls managed to complete this and smashed the world female record for this event by just under 20 hours.

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