Cycling to Iran?

An Abingdon cyclist, who rides with the midweek Cycling UK group, Iraj Maghounaki is planning to ride to Tehran in Iran later this month.

Iraj has ridden with the Oxford Midweek group a few times and Andy E and Simon A have discussed their route to Istanbul with him to help him plan his trip.  He was born in Tehran and lived there until 1995 when he moved to UK.  He is just retiring and has wanted to cycle to Tehran from UK for some time. He had a mystery illness a few years ago and is raising funds for the charity Mind who helped him at the time.  He has a page on the Justgiving website which gives more details.  

I told him I would try to get his ride communicated via Abingdon Freewheelers to help him raise more funds and get support etc.  He is planning to leave in June and so if you could send these details around it would be appreciated.

Just go to and search for Iraj and you will see his page/story, and can contribute to Mind. 

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